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Product features
Ưu điểm : - Làm thiếc nóng chảy nhanh,5-10 phút - Lòng bể phủ Titan : bền không sợ bị thủng nồi sau thời gian sử dụng - Cài đặt nhiệt độ , nhiệt độ lên tới 600 oC - Đèn báo hiển thị nhiệt độ - Đầy đủ kích thước

1.With a large capacity specially proLead-cessed lead free solder bath.

2.The titanium alloy solder bath and other heavy duty compents offer greater durability.

3.High power heater, quickly melten the lead-free tin bar.

4.Microcomputer chip intelligent control, double digital display, high accuracy, high sensitivity, quickly heating up.

5.Lead-free soldering pot high temperature, corrosion resistance, durable use.

6.It can set and lock the data. The data is long term preservation and do not influence by shutdown and power-down.

7.It has the dormancy function which can save the energy, prolong the service life.

8.It has the automatic recognition of error which can enhance security

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